The Lost Book of Adventure – Review

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been reading posts of children’s (and adults to be fair) books on adventure and exploration. it’s led me to have a whole knew outlook on life, which I’ll be sure to touch on soon. While browsing the wonders of Amazon I came across this book. Admittedly I’d seen it before, but I finally took the plunge.

This book is absolutely stunning! As a primary school teacher I couldn’t resist sifting through and coming up with a scheme of work based on the whole book and concept. I say concept, as it’s billed as a collection of illustrations and writing found by the editor, Teddy Keen. Giving the book an additional sense of mystery too. Here’s a picture of my notes and ideas, I haven’t planned anything properly yet as we follow Literacy Tree planning at the school I work in, so I’m not 100% I’ll be able to fit it in, but I’d really love too!

A teacher’s day in ABC’s

I am Awake.

I eat my Breakfast.

I fed my Cat.

I get Dressed.

I do some Exercise.

I put shoes on my Feet.

I lift my Handbag.

I read something Interesting.

I do some Juggling.

I give my boy a Kiss.

I feel lots of Love.

I make a Mess.

I listen to something Nice.

I click Open.

I press Print.

I move rather Quick.

I need a Rest.

I take a Sip.

I prepare to Teach.

I see your Uniform.

I hear your Voices.

I sit and Wait.

I know your eXcited.

I imagine I’m in a Zoo.