Franklin the Dragon!

How could I not buy ‘Franklin’s flying bookshop’ when it came out? (my youngest son is called Franklin BTW!) Apart from the dragons name, it’s beautifully illustrated and it’s all about the love of books.

As part of my transition days with my current year 3 class, I used this book as a stimulus and it worked out great. We’re trying to promote reading, to the fact that we could talk about our favourite books through it really helped. The children wrote book reviews and wrote diary entries as if they were Luna or Franklin.

Jen Campbell has also now released a 2nd and 3rd part of the story, which are equally wonderful. I have all 3 in hard back just because they will be lovely objects for my son to have when he’s older.

I just need to find a book Wirth a Grayson in now! 😉

The Lost Book of Adventure – Review

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been reading posts of children’s (and adults to be fair) books on adventure and exploration. it’s led me to have a whole knew outlook on life, which I’ll be sure to touch on soon. While browsing the wonders of Amazon I came across this book. Admittedly I’d seen it before, but I finally took the plunge.

This book is absolutely stunning! As a primary school teacher I couldn’t resist sifting through and coming up with a scheme of work based on the whole book and concept. I say concept, as it’s billed as a collection of illustrations and writing found by the editor, Teddy Keen. Giving the book an additional sense of mystery too. Here’s a picture of my notes and ideas, I haven’t planned anything properly yet as we follow Literacy Tree planning at the school I work in, so I’m not 100% I’ll be able to fit it in, but I’d really love too!

Review: The Polar Bear Explorers Club

After reading a string of ‘exploration’ themed children’s books recently, this is my most recent completion. I’ve seen the book around a few times and dismissed it due to its name and I’d still say its name is a bit of a sticking point with me but I’ll get to that in a bit. The word ‘Explorer’ pulled me in and I decided to give it a try.

This YA book is based in a world of mythical creatures and monsters. It’s main character, Stella, wants to be an explorer like her adopted father. However, girls aren’t allowed, which she obviously goes on to prove wrong and along the way find out where she’s from and who/what she is.

I did enjoy the book, I cared for the characters and I do indeed want to read the sequels to find out what happens. There were a few things that jarred with the book for me. As I said the title and indeed the names of the four different explorers ‘clubs’ seemed a bit too childish (yes I know it’s a children’s book!) and it felt like the author had tried to fit in too many mythical/magical beings (unicorns, fairies, ice queens, trolls, yetis, etc etc)

Overall though I would recommend it, I’d give it 3.5 out of 5.