This Bear, That Bear

Who will Little Bear see at the bear parade? Will it be ‘This bear, that bear, likes to wear a hat bear?’ One thing’s for sure – the day will be full of surprises!

A joyous celebration of bears in all shapes, sizes and styles.

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“This is a charming rhyming book that lists lots of different bears in a ‘bear parade’. The pictures are wonderfully detailed and engaging and the text is easy to follow. I read this book to my class of 4/5 year olds; they thoroughly enjoyed the book as they loved looking at the different bears, commenting on ones that looked similar to their own bears, or ones that were doing humorous things. The rhyming text makes it easy for younger children to follow, and my class enjoyed the singsong nature of the book. When I asked them what they liked about the story, they mostly named different bears from the pictures – I agree with them, some of these are a real treat for the eyes! This is an easy-going book that would be great as a pre-bedtime read with younger children.” — Lizi Coombs ― Reading Zone

“Enjoy a fantastic celebration of bears in all shapes, sizes and styles in a colourful, ingeniously simple and high energy picture book from talented new illustrator Sian Wheatcroft.

Wheatcroft’s gorgeous gallery of quirky bears, her use of bold colours and a fun, fast-paced rhyming text capture perfectly the breathless excitement of a street parade and the exuberance of the bears as they each display their individuality. Little ones will discover both entertainment and learning as they join in the rhythmic flow of the words and feast their eyes on the banquet of fabulous illustrations. Poetry in motion!”
― Lancashire Evening Post