Review: The Polar Bear Explorers Club

After reading a string of ‘exploration’ themed children’s books recently, this is my most recent completion. I’ve seen the book around a few times and dismissed it due to its name and I’d still say its name is a bit of a sticking point with me but I’ll get to that in a bit. The word ‘Explorer’ pulled me in and I decided to give it a try.

This YA book is based in a world of mythical creatures and monsters. It’s main character, Stella, wants to be an explorer like her adopted father. However, girls aren’t allowed, which she obviously goes on to prove wrong and along the way find out where she’s from and who/what she is.

I did enjoy the book, I cared for the characters and I do indeed want to read the sequels to find out what happens. There were a few things that jarred with the book for me. As I said the title and indeed the names of the four different explorers ‘clubs’ seemed a bit too childish (yes I know it’s a children’s book!) and it felt like the author had tried to fit in too many mythical/magical beings (unicorns, fairies, ice queens, trolls, yetis, etc etc)

Overall though I would recommend it, I’d give it 3.5 out of 5.

Dream jars

My husband has been working with secondary school students in an afterschool computer science club. I’ve been helping him create some lights that the students have been learning to program on a Raspberry Pi.

I was a fun project for me too as I create a 3D design in Tinkercad and 3D printed the inserts for the LED strips, I then sprayed the mason jars with a frosting spray to defuse the light.

Here’s the end result, think I may make one for myself too 🙂

I’m Back!

I figured it was about time that I started blogging again and a lot has happened since i was last here, so here’s an update…

I’m now a primary school teacher. I finished my training last year and found myself a job in a wonderful school not too far from where i live. I have a year 3 class and i’m absolutely loving it! Every day is different, challenging and interesting. I was also made the ICT coordinator, which wasn’t what i had planned coming from an art background, but i’m so glad i said yes. I absolutely love computer science as a subject and love all the different technology and resources that can be used. My biggest challenge with the role is the current state of my school ICT equiptment, in that it’s extremely outdated and a lot of the times unusable, it’s very fustrating but i hope to help move the school on in such a way that we can make it a leading subject. I run an afterschool coding club too which aside from the prementioned challenges i’m really enjoying. The children in the club enjoyed doing stop frame animation this week and i’m looking forward to introducing more makerspace type activities.

So what about the illustration work? Well, I’ll admit that has taken a back burner a little. You can still get my book ‘This Bear, That Bear’, and I really would love to do another one, although I’d also like to turn my hand to chapter book based fiction. Who knows what the future holds!!

Half term homework

so every half term Grayson usually has some kind of object to construct relating to next terms topic. We’ve had a giant rocket and an awesome pirate ship (if I do say so myself!) Next term he’s learning about castles and I wanted to do something different to the usual cardboard construction so bought some air drying clay.